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Alex knew the course so well and knew how to engage us students. He made the course so sweet to the ear, easy to understand and very interesting. The tasks, and the practicals were so engaging and Fun. The class was televised on AIT. They( AIT) were present during the first day. Do not miss October batch! The facilitator had traveled back to the US, but will fly back in October for another training. Every Nigerian needs this course”
It’s amazing when you met a person that not only challenges you to move to the next of leadership but expects you to move! Do you know why? Because Chris Rollins provides you with all the tools necessary in order to make great calculated decisions!

Have you ever experienced a Leadership Trainer that see’s in you ,what you haven’t noticed in yourself? That’s because you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting my Mentor and Coach Chris!

author-img - L'Shaun Overton
Human Resource Business Partner for Coca- Cola